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I Heart Dragons Project

The I Heart Dragons project will consist of a number of short animated webisodes chronicling the story of the age of dragons.

I will be posting pictures of the works in progress(WIPS) for anyone to see. We will start out by zeroing in on a style that is both aesthetically pleasing yet manageable. Please check soon as I will be updating this blog every couple of days with more pictures and a verbal update on our progress



The Art of Orion’s Belt

My friend Richard Holmes asked me a couple of months ago to help design some stuff for a sci-fi story he was working on.  It’s called Orion’s Belt.  Rich has always had a thing for sci-fi and fantasy stuff and this is his first attempt at a sci-fi novel.  I designed  a book cover and a poster for him.  We’ve now moved on to doing some character and background designs for a possible web comic.  Below is a concept sketch as well as a sketch for a poster of Jassa Daan, a female lead character in the novel.

Current Projects

Welcome to the new blog for  To start, let’s look at a few projects I’ve been working on so far.

First off, there’s Ignacio’s electronica band.  I’m working on the album cover.


Secondly, there’s a book cover for a Sci-Fi novel called Orion’s Belt written by my good friend, Richard Holmes.